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Welcome to the website of Tandartsenpraktijk Heenvliet

You are most welcome in our dental practice located in Heenvliet with our experienced medical team, led by K.D. Go, dentist implantologist and Melek Delen, operations manager. The great demand for modern medical facilities in Heenvliet - Bernisse in the municipality of Nissewaard and the need for high-quality, affordable and accessible dental care has led to the fact that Dental Practice Heenvliet opened its doors in the Medical Center Bernisse at the beginning of 2022.

The creation of this new modern dental practice is the result of the collaboration between dentist implantologist K.D. Go, dentist S. Abdelqader (from Heenvliet) and dentist K. van Dintel-Tipler (from Brielle). The last two mentioned opted for this collaboration at the new location to provide their patients with a broad-based group practice with all disciplines in-house as well as long opening hours that is future-proof.

The municipality of Nissewaard has a diverse character and has been developing rapidly in recent decades. A municipality with a special dynamic, in which customization is also necessary from the perspective of medical care. The team of Dental Practice Heenvliet is also aware of the diversity of the neighbourhood(s) and therefore also consists of multilingual employees.

Dental practice Heenvliet is active in the field of general dentistry, implantology, periodontology, endodontology, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and oral hygiene. Proactively advising patients on health is considered an important core task by employees. The team would like to share its knowledge with the residents of the municipality of Nissewaard.

You can register completely free of charge by completing the registration form online.

Registration is of course also possible at the reception.